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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Medieval Europe Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 8 Medieval Europe questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 Medieval Europe
What was Dracula's real name?
  1. Radu II
  2. Vlad III
  3. Basarab III
  4. Matthias Corvinus
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Which European reached America before Columbus did?
  1. Sir Francis Drake
  2. Leif Ericson
  3. Sir Walter Raleigh
  4. Amerigo Vespucci
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
What was the treaty that split Charlemagne’s empire among his three grandsons?
  1. Treaty of Ghent
  2. Treaty of Versailles
  3. Treaty of Verdune
  4. Concordat of Worms
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Nobles were given land by the King. In return for this land the nobles provided the King with:
  1. armies and protection
  2. loyalty and money
  3. food and jewelry
  4. land and people
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
What is the Latin word for Middle Ages?
  1. Noman
  2. Medieval
  3. Germanic
  4. Frank
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Why were castles first built in the Middle Ages?
  1. To house noble families
  2. As protection from invaders
  3. Because they look impressive
  4. To keep peasants away from the king
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Charlemagne`s Empire was also called the                  .
  1. Merovingian Empire
  2. Carolingian Empire
  3. Anglo Saxon Empire
  4. Muslim Empire
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
How was the Black Death transmitted?
  1. By thinking about it
  2. Water
  3. By looking at someone
  4. Human contact
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Where in Europe did the Black Death originate?
  1. Northern Italy
  2. France
  3. Scotland
  4. Constantinople
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
The Crusades were a number of wars fought between which two main groups?
  1. Western European Christians and the Jews
  2. Jews and Muslims
  3. Western European Christians and Muslims
  4. Eastern European Christians and Muslims
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
Grade 8 Medieval Europe
The Canterbury Tales was a collection of stories and poems written in 1391. Who wrote it?
  1. Geoffrey Chaucer
  2. The Pope
  3. William the Conqueror
  4. Joan of Arc
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