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Grade 9

Fever, 1793 - Historical Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Ninth Grade (Grade 9)

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Grade 9 Fever, 1793
What state did Matilda live in?
  1. Pennsylvania
  2. Nevada
  3. Wyoming
  4. Texas
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
How did Matilda get water?
  1. she followed willow trees to a stream and got cold refreshing water
  2. she screamed for help
  3. she waited for someone to pass and asked for help
  4. she didn't get any water
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
When Matilda was a little girl who told her stories of the war?
  1. her father
  2. her mother
  3. her grandfather
  4. her aunt
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
Matilda had a cat.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
When Matilda got sick who carried her to Bush Hill?
  1. Eliza
  2. her mother
  3. the man at the farm
  4. her grandfather
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
Why did the man at the farm run inside when he saw Matilda coming?
  1. He thought she was infected and he didn't want to get his family infected.
  2. He didn't like interacting with other people.
  3. He was a robber and didn't know if Matilda was sent to bring him in.
  4. He thought she was a robber coming to rob him.
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
What was wrong with Matilda?
  1. she had a cold
  2. she had yellow fever
  3. she had a skin rash
  4. she had was dehydrated
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
When Matilda and her grandfather were dropped of on the side of the road by the farmer, where did they sleep?
  1. under a chestnut tree
  2. by a steam
  3. under a willow tree
  4. in the middle of the road
Grade 9 Fever, 1793
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