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Grade 9

The White - Historical Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Ninth Grade (Grade 9)

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Grade 9 The White
Before her mother died what did she tell Mary?
  1. Not to cry, remember English, remember the scriptures
  2. Remember the family, remember not to cry, remember the scriptures
  3. Remember the scriptures, remember English, remember to think positive
  4. Remember to not cry, remember stay strong, remember the scriptures
Grade 9 The White
Who was the writer of the White?
  1. Mary Jemison
  2. Mary Rowlendson
  3. Debrah Larsen
  4. James Seaver
Grade 9 The White
Why did Simon pull his gun out while they were at Silver Lake?
  1. She saw an animal in the woods to kill for dinner
  2. She saw Hiokatoo
  3. She saw the British and thought they were going to capture them again
  4. He wanted to practice shooting
Grade 9 The White
Who got scalped in Marys family?
  1. father, Thomas
  2. mother, father
  3. mother, father, Thomas
  4. mother, Thomas
Grade 9 The White
Why did Mary want her own home with Sheninjee?
  1. she wanted a lot of land
  2. she always wanted a home
  3. she wanted to stay away from the tribe
  4. she liked being alone with him
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