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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Geomorphology Questions

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Grade 9 Geomorphology
The breaking down of rocks on Earth's surface is                      .
  1. weathering
  2. chemical weathering
  3. erosion
  4. mechanical weathering
Grade 9 Geomorphology

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Glaciers, weather, and water shape Earth by
  1. tectonics.
  2. erosion.
  3. El Nino.
  4. hibernation.
Grade 9 Geomorphology
A glacier will retreat if
  1. more ice accumulates than melts.
  2. it gains ice at the same rate that ice melts.
  3. more ice melts than accumulates.
  4. the ice melts slower than it accumulates.
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Grade 9 Geomorphology
The formation of the Grand Canyon in Colorado is an example of
  1. glacial erosion.
  2. wind erosion.
  3. water erosion.
  4. chemical erosion.
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Landslides are
  1. slow, flowing movements of soil.
  2. only caused by heavy rains.
  3. the rapid downhill movement of soil and rock.
  4. caused by the collapse of limestone bedrock.
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Abrasion by wind and running water are examples of                      .
  1. ice wedging
  2. exfoliation
  3. mechanical weathering
  4. chemical weathering
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Erosion is the wearing away of Earth's
  1. inner core by tectonic activity.
  2. surface by wind, glaciers, and moving water.
  3. mantle by forces of magma and gravity.
  4. crust by the pull of the Sun and the Moon.
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Grade 9 Geomorphology
What leads to erosion?
  1. Deforestation
  2. Overgrazing
  3. Clear Cutting
  4. All of the above
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Soil creep on a slope can be caused by                     .
  1. freezing and thawing
  2. rock talus
  3. limestone bedrock
  4. dry weather
Grade 9 Geomorphology
The movement of weathered material is called
  1. compaction.
  2. traveling.
  3. erosion.
  4. cementation.
Grade 9 Geomorphology
Plains, mountains, hills, and plateaus are the major types of
  1. volcanoes.
  2. lithospheres.
  3. landforms.
  4. bodies of water.
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