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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Geomorphology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 8 Geomorphology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 8 Geomorphology
Grade 8 Geomorphology
Which featured is formed on dry land?
  1. delta
  2. guyot
  3. seamount
  4. alluvial fan
Grade 8 Geomorphology
Which of the following does NOT contribute to mechanical weathering?
  1. carbonic acid
  2. frost heaving
  3. plants & animals
  4. pressure release
  5. abrasion
Grade 8 Geomorphology
Which is not a key feature of geologic maps?
  1. types of rock
  2. age of rock formations
  3. color of rock formations
  4. locations of fault lines
Grade 8 Geomorphology
In what situation are the contour lines on a topographic map close together?
  1. where the slope is steep
  2. where the slope is gradual
  3. where the elevation is high
  4. where the relief is minimal
Grade 8 Geomorphology
Breaking down of rock and other substances on the Earth's surface
  1. weathering
  2. erosion
  3. deposition
  4. precipitation
Grade 8 Geomorphology
In the image below what does A indicate?
Topographic Map
  1. top of a mountain
  2. a depression
  3. a lake
  4. a trail
Grade 8 Geomorphology
The most important factors that determine the rate of weathering are
  1. rock cycle and rain
  2. type of rock and rock composition
  3. rock cycle and season
  4. type of rock and climate
Grade 8 Geomorphology
Grade 8 Geomorphology
The map contour interval is defined as
  1. the sum of all the lines
  2. the difference from the highest line to the lowest line
  3. the difference in elevation between two lines
  4. the time it takes to get to each line
Grade 8 Geomorphology
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