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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Soil Questions

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Grade 8 Soil
Which of the following statements is TRUE about soils?
  1. The deeper into the soil layers, the more rock appears.
  2. The deeper into the soil layers, the more organic matter.
  3. The more shallow the layer, the greater amount of rock appears.
  4. The deeper the soil layer, the more nutrients.
Grade 8 Soil
Which lists the soil particles from largest to smallest?
  1. sand, gravel, clay, silt
  2. gravel, silt, sand, clay
  3. gravel, sand, silt, clay
  4. gravel, clay, sand, silt
Grade 8 Soil
What determines a soil's texture?
  1. water content.
  2. mineral composition.
  3. thickness.
  4. particle sizes.
Grade 8 Soil
Which layer contains the oldest fossils?
  1. Layer 1
  2. Layer 2
  3. Layer 3
  4. Layer 4
Grade 8 Soil
Which of the following makes A-Horizon ideal for growing plants?
  1. carbonic acid
  2. humus
  3. organic matter
  4. rocks
Grade 8 Soil
Which fossil layer is the youngest?
  1. Layer 1
  2. Layer 2
  3. Layer 3
  4. Layer 4
Grade 8 Soil
Which is the correct order of soil horizons from top to bottom?
  1. A, B, C, O
  2. O, A, B, C
  3. O, C, B, A
  4. C, B, A, O
Grade 8 Soil
Grade 8 Soil
How does soil erosion affect topsoil?
  1. It washes it away.
  2. It keeps it moist.
  3. It makes it more fertile.
Grade 8 Soil
The measure of the ability of a soil to support plant growth is
  1. temperature.
  2. color.
  3. fertility.
  4. consistency.
Grade 8 Soil
What property is the amount of water in soil defined as?
  1. soil moisture
  2. soil color
  3. infiltration
  4. temperature
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