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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Rocks Questions

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Grade 8 Rocks
Which cycle is primarily represented by the diagram?
Subduction Zone
  1. life cycle
  2. rock cycle
  3. water cycle
  4. carbon cycle
Grade 8 Rocks
Grade 8 Rocks
Fossils are found mainly in which type of rocks?
  1. igneous
  2. sedimentary
  3. metamorphic
Grade 8 Rocks
Fossils are most likely to be found in
  1. Igneous rocks
  2. Metamorphic rocks
  3. Sedimentary rocks
  4. Any of the above
Grade 8 Rocks
What are they three types of sedimentary rocks?
  1. lava, magma, and volcano
  2. clastic, chemical, and organic
  3. gypsum, limestone, and shale
  4. contact, regional, and burial
Grade 8 Rocks
The major minerals present in basaltic rock are
  1. magma and iron
  2. iron and magnesium
  3. minerals and grains
  4. heat and pressure
Grade 8 Rocks
Igneous rocks have the following characteristic
  1. They are hard because of the minerals in them
  2. They are strong because the mineral crystals are strong
  3. They are made of interlocking crystals
  4. All of the above
Grade 8 Rocks
Examples of nonfoliated rocks are
  1. limestone and coal
  2. marble and sandstone
  3. slate and coal
  4. all of the above
Grade 8 Rocks
Which factors has the most influence on the development of soil?
  1. slope of landscape
  2. amount of rounded sediment
  3. climate
  4. longitude
Grade 8 Rocks
A detrital rock is named according to
  1. its age
  2. its location
  3. the shape and size of the sediments
  4. the color of the sediments
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