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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Rocks Questions

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Grade 7 Rocks
Grade 7 Rocks
Magma is
  1. molten rock found on Earth's surface.
  2. molten rock found under Earth's surface.
  3. hardened rock found near a volcano.
  4. hardened rock found in the ocean.
Grade 7 Rocks
Igneous rocks are formed from
  1. the shells of small sea creatures.
  2. pebbles and other rocks cemented together.
  3. the remains of living things.
  4. magma.
Grade 7 Rocks
In the rock cycle, weathering and erosion can change which type of rock into sediments?
  1. igneous rocks
  2. sedimentary rocks
  3. metamorphic rocks
  4. all of these
Grade 7 Rocks
Rocks are classified as
  1. igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary.
  2. sedimentary, intrusive, or metamorphic.
  3. sandstone, limestone, or granite.
  4. organic, intrusive, or clastic.
Grade 7 Rocks
Which kind is an organic sedimentary rock?
  1. Conglomerate
  2. Slate
  3. Obsidian
  4. Coal
Grade 7 Rocks
Chemical sedimentary rock forms when
  1. mechanical weathering occurs.
  2. there is an accumulation of plant or animal debris.
  3. dissolved materials precipitate from a solution.
  4. molten material cools and hardens.
Grade 7 Rocks
The process showing how rocks are formed and changed.
  1. Rock Cycle
  2. Heat and Pressure
  3. Metamorphism
  4. Evolution
Grade 7 Rocks
Grade 7 Rocks
Magma forms this type of rock.
  1. Igneous
  2. Slate
  3. Gneiss
  4. Sedimentary
Grade 7 Rocks
Metamorphic rocks can be formed from
  1. igneous rocks.
  2. sedimentary rocks.
  3. metamorphic rocks.
  4. all rock groups.
Grade 7 Rocks
The kind of igneous rock that forms below Earth's surface.
  1. Basaltic
  2. Metamorphic
  3. Intrusive
  4. Extrusive
Grade 7 Rocks
Rocks formed by the piling up of layers of dust, dirt, and sand are called
  1. igneous rocks.
  2. sedimentary rocks.
  3. metamorphic rocks.
  4. magma.
Grade 7 Rocks
How can igneous rocks be classified?
  1. Foliated or Nonfoliated
  2. Extrusive or Intrusive
  3. Clastic or Chemical
  4. None of the above
Grade 7 Rocks
Coal is considered a
  1. sedimentary rock.
  2. igneous rock.
  3. metamorphic rock.
  4. mineral.
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