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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Tectonics Questions

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Grade 7 Tectonics
The collision of two oceanic plates creates
  1. mountain belts.
  2. convection currents.
  3. rift valleys.
  4. island arcs.
Grade 7 Tectonics
Scientists who measure earthquakes are called
  1. seismic scientists.
  2. seismometers.
  3. seismologists.
  4. earthquake technicians.
Grade 7 Tectonics
The epicenter of an earthquake is
  1. the location that emergency support workers meet during an earthquake.
  2. the size of an earthquake.
  3. the point on the Earth's surface above where an earthquake occurs.
  4. the center of an earthquake.
Grade 7 Tectonics
Earthquakes most often occur
  1. in the middle of tectonic plates.
  2. anywhere near a tectonic plate.
  3. only in the 'Ring of Fire'.
  4. on the boundary of tectonic plates.
Grade 7 Tectonics
What does the phrase "Ring of Fire" refer to?
  1. a tectonic plate
  2. a type of volcano
  3. a geographic region
  4. a type of plate boundary
Grade 7 Tectonics
Which often occurs at a divergent boundary?
  1. a strike/slip fault
  2. seafloor spreading
  3. continental drift
  4. plates come together
Grade 7 Tectonics
The Richter scale measures the
  1. destruction caused by an earthquake.
  2. magnitude of an earthquake.
  3. movement of tectonic plates.
  4. amplitude of seismic waves.
Grade 7 Tectonics
What most likely forms when two continental plates collide?
  1. a volcano
  2. a glacier
  3. a mountain range
  4. a trench
Grade 7 Tectonics
The collision of two oceanic plates creates
  1. mountain belts.
  2. convection currents.
  3. rift valleys.
  4. island arcs.
Grade 7 Tectonics
The map shows the major tectonic plates. Which plate is NOT associated with the Ring of Fire?
Tectonic Plates With Labels
  1. Cocos plate
  2. Arabian plate
  3. Philippine plate
  4. Juan de Fuca plate
Grade 7 Tectonics
Which is a theory that the Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into sections?
  1. Continental Drift
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Plate Tectonics
  4. Rock Cycle
Grade 7 Tectonics
Most earthquakes occur
  1. in mountains
  2. along major rivers
  3. at plate boundaries
  4. in the middle of tectonic plates
Grade 7 Tectonics
The Himalayas were formed along what type of plate boundary?
  1. Transform boundary
  2. Divergent boundary
  3. Convergent boundary
Grade 7 Tectonics
Primary seismic waves
  1. are slower than secondary waves.
  2. are the result of shearing forces in rock.
  3. can travel through both solids and liquids.
  4. cause Earth's surface to roll up and down.
Grade 7 Tectonics
Convection within                    causes the plates to move.
  1. The Earth's Mantle
  2. The Ocean
  3. The Inner Core
  4. The Crust
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