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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Scientific Methods and Applications Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 7 Scientific Methods and Applications questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 7 Scientific Method
Grade 7 Scientific Method
An educated guess to explain a phenomenon is a(n)
  1. experiment.
  2. hypothesis.
  3. science.
  4. radiation.
Grade 7 Scientific Method
A(n)                      is a variable representing the value being manipulated or changed.
  1. hypothesis
  2. constant
  3. independent variable
  4. control group
  5. dependent variable
  6. meter
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Colby wants to learn more about the feeding habits of ants.

What steps should Colby take to best study the feeding patterns of ants?
  1. form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, record data, make a conclusion
  2. conduct an experiment, form a hypothesis, make a conclusion, record data
  3. form a hypothesis, record data, conduct an experiment, make a conclusion
  4. record data, form a hypothesis, make a conclusion, conduct an experiment
Grade 7 Scientific Method
What is a hypothesis?
  1. a fact
  2. an untrue statement
  3. an educated guess
  4. something that can not be proven
Grade 7 Scientific Method
What is the first step in the scientific method?
  1. organizing data
  2. forming a hypothesis
  3. asking a question
  4. gathering information
Grade 7 Scientific Method
The steps used by scientists to solve problems and uncover facts is the
  1. testing method.
  2. scientific method.
  3. system method.
  4. question method.
Grade 7 Scientific Method
A guess about what will happen is a
  1. theory.
  2. science.
  3. greenhouse effect.
  4. prediction.
Grade 7 Scientific Method
A written statement using the words "if, then" is
  1. a result.
  2. information.
  3. a problem.
  4. a hypothesis.
Grade 7 Scientific Methods and Applications
Which definition best defines science?
  1. using thinking and practical skills to understand our world
  2. a body of skills related to life and death
  3. the study of non-living things only
  4. the study of living things only
Grade 7 Scientific Method
How do you check whether the data supports the hypothesis?
  1. analyze the data
  2. modify the experiment
  3. predict the outcome
  4. design the experiment
Grade 7 Scientific Methods and Applications
What is science?
  1. knowledge gained from the study of animals
  2. study of plants
  3. knowledge gained from careful, systematic study of the natural world
Grade 7 Scientific Method
The different factors that can change in an experiment are
  1. constants.
  2. variables.
  3. models.
  4. controls.
Grade 7 Scientific Method
Learning about your world using your five senses is
  1. sensation.
  2. information.
  3. experimentation.
  4. observation.
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