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Soil Questions - All Grades

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Grade 5 Soil
What kind of soil is most likely found in the desert?
  1. dark, damp soil
  2. dry, sandy soil
  3. sticky, red soil
  4. think, muddy soil
Grade 3 Soil
Why is soil so important?
  1. Provides food and support for plants
  2. Eaten by animals
  3. Eaten by people
  4. Keeps Earth clean
Grade 5 Soil

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Soil contains
  1. only clay and no humus.
  2. silt and sand, but never clay.
  3. humus and clay, but never sand.
  4. rock, silt, sand, clay and humus.
Grade 3 Soil
Which is the top layer of soil?
  1. topsoil
  2. subsoil
  3. bedrock
  4. humus
Grade 4 Soil
Why is soil so important to us?
  1. We build on it.
  2. We walk on it.
  3. Plants need it to grow.
  4. All of the above
Grade 5 Soil
From top to bottom, how is soil layered?
  1. subsoil, topsoil, bedrock
  2. topsoil, bedrock, subsoil
  3. bedrock, subsoil, topsoil
  4. topsoil, subsoil, bedrock
Grade 3 Soil
What are the 3 major layers of soil? Select 3.
  1. Subsoil
  2. Bottomsoil
  3. Grainsoil
  4. Topsoil
  5. Bedrock
Grade 4 Soil
How do plants help form soil?
  1. Plants break up rocks by spreading roots into cracks.
  2. Plant stems surround the rocks until they break.
  3. Plant leaves protect the rocks from extreme temperatures.
  4. Plants do not help form soil.
Grade 5 Soil
Which kind of soil has the most humus?
  1. red clay soil
  2. sandy pond soil
  3. dark forest soil
  4. bedrock
Grade 8 Soil
Which of the following statements is TRUE about soils?
  1. The deeper into the soil layers, the more rock appears.
  2. The deeper into the soil layers, the more organic matter.
  3. The more shallow the layer, the greater amount of rock appears.
  4. The deeper the soil layer, the more nutrients.
Grade 6 Soil
Humus is mainly made up of
  1. sand and silt.
  2. rocks.
  3. water.
  4. remains of plants and animals.
Grade 6 Soil
Which geologic process is most responsible for soil formation?
  1. erosion
  2. weathering
  3. cementation
  4. sedimentation
Grade 6 Soil
Why is humus an important part of soil?
  1. It contains nutrients, which feed the plants.
  2. It contains rocks, which strengthen the soil.
  3. It contains chemicals, which fight disease.
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