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Minerals Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 Minerals
Grade 9 Minerals
A mineral CANNOT be
  1. solid.
  2. formed from once-living material.
  3. naturally occurring.
  4. light in color.
Grade 9 Minerals
Which of these is a mineral?
  1. oxygen
  2. diamond
  3. sulfuric acid
  4. wood
Grade 9 Minerals
The Mohs scale measures
  1. density of a mineral.
  2. a mineral's hardness.
  3. the luster of a mineral.
  4. a mineral's type of crystalline structure.
Grade 6 Minerals
Which statement about the relationship between rocks and minerals is true?
  1. Rocks are made of minerals.
  2. Minerals are made of rocks.
  3. Rocks and minerals are two terms for the same thing.
  4. Minerals and rocks are both classified by how they formed.
Grade 9 Minerals
Color is not often a useful identification property because
  1. some minerals are colorless.
  2. the same mineral can be different colors.
  3. different minerals can be different colors.
  4. some minerals are single elements.
Grade 9 Minerals
Minerals are classified according to their
  1. color.
  2. origin.
  3. composition.
  4. specific gravity.
Grade 6 Minerals
A gemstone is made in a laboratory. Which reason best explains why it is not considered a mineral?
  1. It is organic.
  2. It is not a crystal.
  3. It did not form by natural processes.
  4. It does not have a set chemical composition.
Grade 9 Minerals
What is a mineral's streak?
  1. the resistance to being scratched
  2. the color of the mineral in powder form
  3. the way which a mineral reflects light
  4. the way a mineral reacts to hydrochloric acid
Grade 6 Minerals
Which is true of all minerals?
  1. They are inorganic solids.
  2. They have a glassy luster.
  3. They fracture the same way.
  4. They are harder than a penny.
Grade 9 Minerals
Grade 9 Minerals
If a mineral breaks along flat or even surfaces, it has
  1. luster.
  2. fracture.
  3. cleavage.
  4. streak.
Grade 6 Minerals
Crystals are solid materials with
  1. several different grain sizes.
  2. distinct layers or bands.
  3. atoms in an orderly, repeating pattern.
  4. glass-like, shiny surfaces.
Grade 9 Minerals
Mineral properties depend on composition and
  1. structure.
  2. luster.
  3. cleavage.
  4. streak.
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