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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) India Questions

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Grade 9 India
Grade 9 India
Grade 9 India
Grade 9 India
What did monsoons bring along with them?
  1. Food
  2. Flooding
  3. People
  4. Animals
Grade 9 India
All of the true of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro except:
  1. They had apartment buildings up to 3 stories high.
  2. They were obsessed with silver.
  3. They traded with Mesopotamia and Egypt.
  4. They were located in the Indus River Valley.
Grade 9 India
All of the following are true or the Aryans except:
  1. They are a nomadic group of people.
  2. They are led by Raja.
  3. They conquered the ancient Indians.
  4. They are dark-skinned people.
Grade 9 India
What religion are the most wealthy people in India?
  1. Hinduism
  2. Buddhism
  3. Jainism
  4. Judaism
Grade 9 India
Southwest monsoons happen during which of the following months?
  1. December-May
  2. October-January
  3. June-September
  4. April-November
Grade 9 India
What major event caused the lack of interest in the discovery of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro?
  1. the discovery of King Tut's tomb
  2. World War I
  3. World War II
  4. Civil War
Grade 9 India
Which of the following is false?
  1. The Guptas created the decimal system.
  2. The Guptas created time.
  3. The Guptas created the concept of zero.
  4. The Guptas created pie.
Grade 9 India
What was Krishna's problem in a story in the Mahabharata?
  1. Krishna's baby died and is now experiencing pain and suffering
  2. Krishna kills the holy bull
  3. Krishna is being forced to kill his cousin
  4. Krishna wants to search for immortality
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