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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Japan Questions

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Grade 9 Japan
Grade 9 Japan
Whose arrival in 1853 convinced the future Meiji leaders to peruse a policy of modernization?
  1. Oliver Hazard Perry
  2. Matthew Perry
  3. David Farragut
  4. David Porter
Grade 9 Japan
What document laid out the goals for the Meiji government?
  1. Modernization Decree
  2. Meiji Proclaimation
  3. Charter Oath
  4. Edo Treaty
Grade 9 Japan
Grade 9 Japan
What is a samurai?
  1. Japanese warrior that served a Lord
  2. Japan's earliest religion
  3. A strict code of behavior
  4. A big, long sword
Grade 9 Japan
Grade 9 Japan
Grade 9 Japan
After losing World War II, which of the following economic activities did Japan primarily focus on?
  1. Agriculture
  2. Manufacturing (heavy industry, technology)
  3. Production of small consumer goods
Grade 9 Japan
His fleet pressured the Japanese into opening trade relations with the United States.
  1. Robert E. Lee
  2. Matthew Perry
  3. General MacArthur
  4. None of the above
Grade 9 Japan
Grade 9 Japan
What was the role of the Meiji Restoration in Japanese history?
  1. Strengthening of the power of the Tokugawa Shogunate
  2. Expansion of Chinese influence in Japanese society
  3. Reversal of traditional Japanese gender norms
  4. Launching of Japan on a course of modernization and westernization
  5. Reconstruction of Japan after the devastation of the Second World War
Grade 9 Japan
In the decades leading up to 1914, how were Japanese imperial designs for Asia and Russian imperial designs in Eastern Europe similar?
  1. Each posed itself as the natural leader of a broader and ethnically similar mass of people
  2. Both aimed at access to raw materials and/or consumer markets
  3. Each had annexed adjacent territory and made it a formal colony
  4. A and B
  5. A and C
Grade 9 Japan
How did industrial development in Japan and Russia differ from similar processes in Western Europe and the United States?
  1. Industrial development was not applied to military purposes
  2. Industrial development did not spur territorial expansion
  3. Industrial development tended to be more state directed
  4. Industrial development was more dependent on immigrant labor
  5. Industrial development led to the rise of an organized labor movement, and unions were legalized
Grade 9 Japan
Which of the following was experienced in Russia but not Japan by 1914?
  1. Mass revolutionary upheaval
  2. Rapid urbanization
  3. State-directed industrial development
  4. Expansion of educational opportunity
  5. War for territorial acquisition
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