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Continuing Education

None Interior Finishing Questions

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None Interior Stairs and Railings
When constructing a set of stairs the handrail must be continuous unless
  1. at doorways or newel posts for changes in direction.
  2. there is a landing.
  3. the stair is less than 43".
  4. the stairs do not need a handrail.
None Cabinetry
None Cabinetry
In cabinet drawer construction which joint is considered the strongest?
  1. Butt joint
  2. Rabbetted joint
  3. Lock joint
  4. Dovetail joint
None Cabinetry
What material can cabinet or millwork be made out of?
  1. Plastic
  2. Wood
  3. MDF
  4. All of the above
None Interior Installation Techniques and Terminology
Vinyl Plank flooring is to be installed on a basement floor that is uneven and bumpy. What will need to be done to ensure proper installation over the existing concrete floor?
  1. use more adhesive for the vinyl plan floor where it is uneven
  2. use self level compound and grind the concrete where needed
  3. add shims to the flooring where it is out of level
  4. You can't install this type of floor on concrete
None Interior Stairs and Railings
Which of the following statements is true when describing open stairs?
  1. Built with a hand rail on one side only
  2. Do not have a door on the top or bottom of the stair
  3. Are constructed with no riser material
  4. One side is open to a hallway
None Interior Stairs and Railings
None Interior Installation Techniques and Terminology
When laying out wood flooring how is it recommended to be installed?
  1. Running along the longest wall
  2. Running along the shortest wall
  3. Start in the middle of the room
  4. Start in the closet
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