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None Other Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these None Other questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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None Blueprints and Blueprint Reading
On a blueprint drawing, what would the lines in which measurements are referenced to be called?
  1. Contour lines
  2. Reference lines
  3. Grid lines
  4. Drawing lines
None Hand Tools
You need to mark a line on a floor that is to be 10 meters (32' 10"). What is the best layout tool to use?
  1. Framing square
  2. Chalk line
  3. Level
  4. Straight edge
None Tool Safety
According to Occupation Safety and Health Administration, what is recommended when you discover a tool has been damaged?
  1. Nothing is recommended by OSHA.
  2. Schedule to have it fixed and continue using.
  3. Use it carefully.
  4. Do not use the tool.
None Hand Tools
What is a tool often kept on a carpenter's tool belt? It is used to take and make measurements.
  1. Chalk line
  2. Speed square
  3. Tape measure
  4. T-Bevel
None Wall Framing
In a conventional wood framed building, the walls are made up of multiple pieces of vertical framing members called                .
  1. studs
  2. headers
  3. plates
  4. lintels
None Screws, Nails, and Fasteners
Why is construction adhesive added between floor sheathing and floor joists? It is also used for wood frame stair construction.
  1. Prevent squeeks
  2. Prevent nail pops
  3. Creates a more structurally sound floor system
  4. All of the above
None Tool Safety
What is the safety rule to be aware of when climbing and working from a ladder? You need to maintain                 point of contact.
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
None Building Materials
A 2x4 piece of framing lumber has an actual dimension of 1 1/2" x 3 1/2". The 2x4 size given to this piece of lumber is called it's                 dimension.
  1. nominal
  2. true
  3. big
  4. accurate
None Floor Framing
This is a horizontal framing member that is supported by the beams. The members can either be ceiling                , floor                 or boxing                .
  1. trusses
  2. joists
  3. rafters
  4. trimmers
None Tool Safety
When using tools regularly, the carpenter is responsible to ensure they are                 properly which increase longevity of the tool and prevents injuries.
  1. maintained
  2. upkept
  3. looked after
  4. cleaned
None Wall Framing
When laying out a wall system, the design will specify that the studs be spaced at 16", 19 1/4", or 24"             on center             spacing.
None Screws, Nails, and Fasteners
When wood glue is applied to a joint, if done correctly the connection can be stronger than the wood itself.
  1. True
  2. False
None Roof Framing
These horizontal roof framing members add additional support to a roof system and connect a pair of opposing rafters. They are installed higher on the roof rafter than a ceiling joist.
  1. Framing ties
  2. Collar ties
  3. Hurricane ties
  4. Ridge beam
None Tool Safety
According to OSHA, what phrase, when followed, will prevent you from using a chisel when a screwdriver is required? This phrase is part of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's top 5 safety tips.
  1. Use the right tool for the job
  2. Keep it simple stupid
  3. Use your head
  4. Think, Plan, Initiate
None Building Materials
Where on a construction site would you find wood I joists?
  1. Floors and roofs
  2. Walls and ceilings
  3. Ceilings and floors
  4. Roofs and walls
None Welding and Metal Fabrication
What is another name for "stick" welding?
  1. Gas metal arc welding
  2. Tungsten inert gas welding
  3. Shielded metal arc welding
  4. Flux core arc welding
None Screws, Nails, and Fasteners
What tool is used to spread mastic when installing vinyl floor tiles?
  1. Notched trowel
  2. Un notched trowl
  3. Float
  4. Does not matter
None Tool Safety
What is something to check for before operating an electric power tool?
  1. Guards are in place
  2. Work are is clean and free of hazards
  3. Cords will not be affected by water
  4. All of the above
None Screws, Nails, and Fasteners
What is generally referred to as glue, however is actually considered a mastic
  1. Yellow wood glue
  2. Tile adhesive
  3. Construction adhesive
  4. Urethane glue
None Wall Framing
These types of walls are generally not full height walls and can be used to create additional height in a roof system or create a separation between rooms.
  1. Pony walls
  2. Stud walls
  3. Small walls
  4. Mini walls
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