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None LaCrosse Questions

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None LaCrosse
What is the responsibility of the defenseman?
  1. to cover the entire field
  2. to score goals
  3. to transition the game
  4. to defend the goal
None LaCrosse
The act of receiving a passed ball is called:
  1. checking
  2. poking
  3. catching
  4. none of the above
None LaCrosse
None LaCrosse
What is a loose ball on the playing field
  1. slow roller
  2. ground ball
  3. high hopper
  4. bouncer
None LaCrosse
How is choosing the end of the field to defend decided?
  1. home team decides
  2. visiting team decides
  3. by tossing a coin
  4. the official decides
None LaCrosse
How long are high school LaCrosse games?
  1. 32 minutes
  2. 38 minutes
  3. 42 minutes
  4. 48 minutes
None LaCrosse
Where must all body contact occur?
  1. back or side
  2. front or back
  3. front or side
  4. there is no body contact allowed
None LaCrosse
None LaCrosse
The color of the ball used in the game is:
  1. white
  2. yellow
  3. orange
  4. all of the above
None LaCrosse
What is a substitution called when it is made during the play?
  1. a direct substitution
  2. on-the-fly substitution
  3. by-the-way substitution
  4. a sliding substitution
None LaCrosse
None LaCrosse
The length of the field is:
  1. 90 yds
  2. 100 yds
  3. 110 yds
  4. 120 yds
None LaCrosse
What equipment is the goalkeeper required to wear?
  1. throat and chest protector
  2. helmet
  3. mouthpiece and gloves
  4. all of the above
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