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Continuing Education

None Roof Framing Questions

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None Roof Framing
If the purpose of a rafter is to support the roof load, what does a ceiling joist do? Select the most relevant answer.
  1. Extra roof support
  2. Support ceiling loads only
  3. Support attic and ceiling loads
  4. Hold in insulation
None Roof Framing
What do you need to know when determining the rafter span of a roof?
  1. roof slope
  2. on-center spacing
  3. snow load
  4. building width
None Roof Framing
None Roof Framing
What must be done with the first truss that is installed in a roof system?
  1. Braced level and plumb
  2. Checked for damage
  3. Installed in the correct position
  4. All of the above
None Roof Framing
Roof trusses are engineered to span longer distances, and are cost effective. What is another benefit of using engineered trusses?
  1. Cut down on construction time
  2. House more insulation
  3. Use larger framing members
  4. None of the above
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