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Thank You Ma'am - African-American Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 10 Thank You Ma'am
Which value is at the core of the theme of "Thank You Ma'am"?
  1. the value of kindness
  2. the value of hard work
  3. the value of a dollar
  4. the value of city life
Grade 10 Thank You Ma'am
The irony in "Thank You Ma'am" is shown by Mrs. Jones...
  1. turning Roger over to the police and calling his parents.
  2. hitting Roger over the head with her purse.
  3. hiding her purse when she brings Roger to her house to eat.
  4. being kind by feeding Roger and giving him money.
Grade 10 Thank You Ma'am
What happens when Roger tries to steal Mrs. Jones's purse in "Thank You Ma'am"?
  1. He changes his mind because he knows it is wrong.
  2. He changes his mind because he is frightened by her large size.
  3. The purse is so heavy that he loses his balance and falls.
  4. He runs away but is caught by another person and brought back to Mrs. Jones.
Grade 10 Thank You Ma'am
In "Thank You Ma'am", how does Mrs. Jones get Roger to her home?
  1. She drags him up the street.
  2. She ask the person who caught Roger to drop off the boy.
  3. She promises Roger food.
  4. She tells him she will give him the money for the blue suede shoes.
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