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Things Fall Apart - African-American Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Things Fall Apart questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 11 Things Fall Apart
Why did Chielo bring Ezinma to the Oracle?
  1. Ezinma was dying
  2. Because Chielo believes Ezinma is her daughter
  3. To hear the Oracle's advice
  4. To test Ezinma's parents
  5. None of the above
Grade 11 Things Fall Apart
How did Okonkwo earn his reputation when he was younger?
  1. He was always deeply in debt
  2. He fought Amalinze the Cat and beat him
  3. He beat his wife during the Week of Peace
  4. He fought a cat
Grade 11 Things Fall Apart
What was Okonkwo’s biggest fear?
  1. Instruments and music
  2. raising lazy children
  3. the wrath of the gods
  4. being like his father
Grade 11 Things Fall Apart
Okonkwo is famous in all nine villages. What is he known for?
  1. Muscian
  2. Warrior
  3. Murderer
  4. Tribe Leader
  5. His good looks
Grade 11 Things Fall Apart
What is not true about Ekwefi's daughter Ezinma?
  1. Okonkwo wishes she were a boy
  2. Because she is an ogbanji, all the past dead children are in her
  3. She let a pot break while fooling around but only cried after
  4. Her mother's life revolves around her
Grade 11 Things Fall Apart
What is not true about the Ibo culture?
  1. They worship a god named Chukwa
  2. A chi is believed to be a personal god who determines one's fate
  3. The kola nut and palm wine are their ideal foods
  4. Men are not allowed to have more than one wife
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