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The Leap - Short Stories (Fiction) - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 10 The Leap
What can you predict from this line in "The Leap?"
In the town square a replica tent pole, cracked and splintered, now stands cast in concrete.
  1. There will be a terrible fire
  2. The narrator's mother will be badly hurt
  3. There will be an accident in the circus tent
  4. The narrator's mother will save her daughter
Grade 10 The Leap
Why does the narrator of "The Leap" consider her sister a "less finished version" of herself?
  1. because her mother loved the sister more than the narrator
  2. because the sister was so much like the narrator when she died
  3. because the sister never grew up to have a personality of her own
  4. because the sister had the same name as the narrator
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