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The Necklace - Short Stories (Fiction) - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 9 The Necklace
Grade 9 The Necklace
Grade 9 The Necklace CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.9-10.3
Which word best describes Mme. Loisel?
  1. Ugly
  2. Poor
  3. Envious
  4. Happy
Grade 9 The Necklace CCSS: CCRA.R.2, RL.9-10.2
Which phrase best describes a theme from the novel?
  1. Appearances are deceiving.
  2. Wealth is everything.
  3. Husbands should please their wives.
  4. Money brings happiness.
Grade 9 The Necklace
What was Mr. Loisel saving for?
  1. A necklace
  2. A gun
  3. A car
  4. A suit
Grade 9 The Necklace
Grade 9 The Necklace
At the beginning of the story, Mme. Loisel's unhappiness is due to a contrast between:
  1. what she has and what she wants.
  2. what she once had and what she has now.
  3. what she wants and what her husband wants.
  4. what she's been promised and what she's received.
Grade 9 The Necklace CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.9-10.3
Why does not having jewelry or fancy things bother Mr. Loisel?
  1. He despises jewelry.
  2. He is very frugal.
  3. He understands it's how it is.
  4. He does not love his wife.
Grade 9 The Necklace
Clothes handed down from her older cousin rarely worked out for the author because they
  1. were too big.
  2. looked like something out of a horror movie.
  3. never fit quite right.
  4. were out of fashion by the time she got them.
Grade 9 The Necklace
Grade 9 The Necklace
How does the author's young daughter feel about clothes?
  1. She is proud of always having what is in fashion.
  2. She is much more carefree than the author was.
  3. She is obsessed with trying to be different.
  4. She feels the same way the author did as a child.
Grade 9 The Necklace
As an adult, the author is happy with her clothes because she
  1. can afford to buy high-fashion clothes.
  2. makes her own clothes.
  3. doesn't go out much.
  4. dresses however she chooses.
Grade 9 The Necklace
In the selection, Life without Go Go Boots the author says high fashion has "the shelf life of potato salad" because it
  1. isn't good for you.
  2. doesn't last long.
  3. is very satisfying.
  4. won't appeal to everyone.
Grade 9 The Necklace
Grade 9 The Necklace
Grade 9 The Necklace
When she thinks about the boots her mother got her for Christmas, the author
  1. feels angry about her mother's choice.
  2. appreciates her mother's good intentions.
  3. feels embarrassed about how she looked in them.
  4. wishes she had appreciated them more.
Grade 9 The Necklace
Why does the author imagine that the suit her friend convinced her to by is unhappy hanging among the other clothes in her closet?
  1. It is too stiff and old-fashioned.
  2. It is the wrong color.
  3. It is far more elegant than the rest of her clothes.
  4. It is humble and threadbare.
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