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The Pigman - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Sixth Grade (Grade 6)

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Grade 6 The Pigman
Grade 6 The Pigman
Why does John Quinn tell Paul that he had to give John his paddle?
  1. John is a bully
  2. John wants to pick a fight with Paul
  3. Paul's time to use the paddle is up
  4. John thinks that Paul and Richard are finished playing paddle ball
Grade 6 The Pigman
What lesson does Paul learn from the experience?
  1. When in a new situation, it is best to find out the rules
  2. Don't worry be happy
  3. Do not rely on other
  4. Always listen to your elders
Grade 6 The Pigman
What does the discussion about tree carving show about Paul?
  1. Paul is a bully
  2. Paul loves trees
  3. Paul is paranoid about being the new kid
  4. Paul is sensitive and caring
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