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The Pigman - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 8 The Pigman
What genre is "The Pigman"?
  1. non-fiction
  2. science-fiction
  3. biography
  4. realistic fiction
Grade 8 The Pigman
What is the significance of the quote below?

"The three monkeys were hugging each other desperately... They looked so lonely and sweet just holding on to each other."
  1. It shows how the monkeys were just keeping warm
  2. It is symbolic of John's situation with his parents
  3. It shows that those monkeys were being mistreated
  4. It is symbolic of Lorraine, John and Mr. Pignati
Grade 8 The Pigman
"..and I knew I'd kill Norton if he tried to hurt the old man." John's comment shows:
  1. that he hates Norton and will find any excuse to hurt him.
  2. that John is jealous of Norton because Lorraine is in love with him.
  3. that he has become so involved in this relationship with the Pigman that he will hurt anyone who is a threat to his friend.
  4. that he knows Norton wants to steal from the Pigman and he wants to stop him so he can steal it himself.
Grade 8 The Pigman
Where/how do John and Lorraine meet Mr. Pignati?
  1. At the Zoo
  2. Phone prank
  3. He was filling in for the Cricket
  4. At the mall
Grade 8 The Pigman
Who is the narrator of "The Pigman"?
  1. John
  2. Lorraine
  3. Angelo Pignati
  4. Both a and b
Grade 8 The Pigman
Grade 8 The Pigman
Why did Lorraine and John call Mr. Pignati "The Pigman"?
  1. He had started a pig collection for his wife to remind her of him.
  2. He told them he was a pig farmer before he retired.
  3. They had a secret code and identified people by animal names.
  4. He ate like a pig.
Grade 8 The Pigman
John tells fantastic lies to create excitement; Lorraine wants to be a writer. These examples illustrate which of following themes?
  1. Death is an unavoidable reality.
  2. Loneliness can destroy a person's life.
  3. People are responsible for their own actions.
  4. Creativity is a way to escape a dull or unpleasant reality.
Grade 8 The Pigman
What is the setting of "The Pigman"?
  1. Staten Island, New York in the 1950's
  2. Manhattan, New York in the 1970's
  3. Staten Island, New York in the 1960's
  4. Los Angeles, California in the 1980's
Grade 8 The Pigman
Grade 8 The Pigman
"He was just standing there looking down at me, and there was no smile on his face. No smile at all." John's description of Mr. Pignati after he unexpectedly comes home from the hospital in the middle of the party illustrates:
  1. despite being drunk, John recognizes the severity of his actions.
  2. John recognizes that the lack of a smile on the Pigman's face was the most obvious clue that the old man felt betrayed.
  3. that even though his house is trashed, the Pigman can always take a joke.
  4. both a and b
Grade 8 The Pigman
Who is the author of "The Pigman"?
  1. Lorraine Jensen
  2. Paul Zindel
  3. John Conlan
  4. Angelo Pignati
Grade 8 The Pigman
"Didn't she know how sick to my stomach it made me feel to know it's possible to end your life with only a baboon to talk to?" What does John's commentary mean and what does it reveal about him?
  1. He is mocking the Pigman for being a lonely old man. This reveals his fear of growing old.
  2. He has seen how pathetic the Pigman's life had become after his wife died and he was so lonely, he turned to a monkey for comfort. He blames the Pigman's death on Lorraine.
  3. He has seen how pathetic the Pigman's life had become after his wife died and he was so lonely, he turned to a monkey for comfort. It shows that he has matured and he no longer only cares about himself.
  4. Both a and c
Grade 8 The Pigman
What do we learn about John's father when he says, "Be yourself! Be individualistic! But for God's sake get your hair cut. You look like an oddball."
  1. He wants John to be an individual on the inside, but conform on the outside.
  2. He says what he thinks people want to hear.
  3. He hates the thought of John being an actor and will do anything to stop him.
  4. He has a strange sense of humor.
Grade 8 The Pigman
How do the police view the relationship John and Lorraine have with the Pigman?
  1. they think they are just trying to help the old man
  2. they think they are taking advantage of him
  3. they think they are his children
  4. they think that the Pigman has kidnapped them and is holding them hostage in his old house
Grade 8 The Pigman
Mr. Pignati is called "The Pigman" because:
  1. He kept a messy house
  2. He liked to eat a lot
  3. He collected miniature pigs
  4. He used to be a pig farmer
Grade 8 The Pigman
What "omens" did Lorraine encounter at the zoo?
  1. An angry zookeeper, a dead turtle, and a stalled touring car
  2. Lights on in the nocturnal room and an increase in the admission price
  3. A lady with peanuts, an attack by a peacock, and a child at the nocturnal room
  4. A late arrival, seeing her cousin, and wheezing from the smell in the monkey house
Grade 8 The Pigman
Bobo is symbolic of:
  1. an omen of the Pigman's death.
  2. how humans also build emotional cages that prevent them for fully experiencing their lives and being happy.
  3. the mistakes he has made in his life.
  4. He represents Mr. Pignati: both are sick and old and close to death.
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