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The Skin I'm In - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

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Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
Daphne Robinson wanted to fight Maleeka because she heard Maleeka was...
  1. stealing her clothes from her locker.
  2. kissing her boyfriend Worm.
  3. telling on her for skipping school.
  4. telling other kids not to hang around her because she is dirty.
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
What does Char do to help Maleeka when she gets into the fight with Daphne?
  1. She jumps into the fight, nobody is going to beat up on her friend.
  2. Nothing, she just laughs at Maleeka.
  3. She tries to stop Daphne from beating Maleeka up.
  4. She runs to the office to get some help.
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
What was different about Ms. Saunders first name?
  1. She had a name from another country.
  2. She had a man's name,"Michael."
  3. Her name was hard to pronounce.
  4. Her name was passed down over years and years from her ancestors.
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Why is it that Maleeka won't stop doing Char's homework when Char is mean to her?
  1. Maleeka is too afraid of Char
  2. Char pays her to keep doing her homework
  3. Maleeka likes the extra homework practice
  4. Caleb tells Maleeka to keep doing the homework
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Who hangs around Char?
  1. Raina
  2. Maleeka
  3. Raise
  4. all of the above
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
When Maleeka gets her haircut the ladies in the salon say that you must have attitude when you wear this cut, why?
  1. because with this cut people are going to pick on her so she should already have an attitude.
  2. because the cut is going to be short and sassy, you have to really work it!
  3. because she knows Maleeka is not going to like the cut so she should have an attitude.
  4. because everyone always has an attitude after she does their hair.
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
In the beginning of the book Caleb only hangs around Maleeka because                                                            
  1. he wants to lure her in so that he too can make fun of her.
  2. he thinks that she doesn't have any friends.
  3. he truly cares for her and likes her.
  4. he feels bad for her.
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
What is significant about the name Akeelma?
  1. It's Maleeka's best friend's name
  2. It's Maleeka's mother's name
  3. It's almost Maleeka spelled backward
  4. It's Maleeka's twin sister's name
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
Why did Maleeka get a bad feeling when she saw Ms. Saunders for the first time?
  1. because Ms. Saunders was bold and had a different appearance than most people.
  2. because Ms. Saunders was huge and Maleeka was scared of her.
  3. because Ms. Saunders was going to be the new principle of the school.
  4. Because Ms. Saunders had a reputation for being hard and everyone was scared of her.
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Why didn't Maleeka's mom help her out of the situation with the school and Ms. Saunders?
  1. Her mom didn't know about the situation
  2. She wanted to teach Maleeka a lesson
  3. Her mom did not care about the situation
  4. She did help Maleeka get out of trouble
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
Grade 8 The Skin I'm In
When Char makes the lunch ladies mad and sends Maleeka back to get her a new lunch, Maleeka actually...
  1. gives Char her own lunch.
  2. exchanges her lunch for a brand new lunch.
  3. keeps the same hamburger but just flips the bun over.
  4. gives Char the money to purchase a new lunch.
Grade 7 The Skin I'm In
Who takes care of Char?
  1. her parents
  2. her grandmother
  3. her aunt
  4. her sister
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