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Whirligig - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Whirligig questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 9 Whirligig
What three new things did Brent learn on his journey? Choose all three.
  1. the names of several constellations
  2. how to yodel
  3. how to build whirligigs
  4. how to play the harmonica
Grade 9 Whirligig
What caused the Puerto Rican boy, Flaco, to drop out of school?
  1. His family needed money so he began working.
  2. He was forced to go to a school for impaired kids because he couldn't speak English.
  3. His family moved around a lot.
Grade 9 Whirligig
All the whirligigs were made                                      .
  1. to give people something to look at.
  2. to keep and honor Lea's memory.
  3. just for fun.
Grade 9 Whirligig
The outcome of Alexandra's and Stephanie's guided imagery was that:
  1. Stephanie never had a boyfriend.
  2. Alexandra found a new boyfriend.
  3. Stephanie met a little boy who had an older brother.
Grade 9 Whirligig
The marching band whirligig signifies                                   .
  1. good music and fun
  2. being an individual
  3. the need of people to be together
Grade 9 Whirligig
The shearwater bird in Flaco's story is symbolic of:
  1. being alone
  2. poverty
  3. peace.
  4. both A & C
Grade 9 Whirligig
What materials does Brent use for the whirligig in Weeksboro, ME?
  1. aluminum foil and plastic
  2. shells and reflectors
  3. only wood and paint
Grade 9 Whirligig
Brent kills Lea Zamora in a car accident. What does Lea's mother ask him to do to make restitution?
  1. She asks him to say a prayer every day.
  2. She asks him to pay for the funeral.
  3. She asks him to travel the country and build four whirligigs.
Grade 9 Whirligig
Brent makes a decision to end his life after leaving the party. Why?
  1. He has been drinking and isn't thinking clearly.
  2. He feels like he doesn't fit in.
  3. A girl at the party embarrassed him in front of others.
  4. All of these.
Grade 9 Whirligig
Grade 9 Whirligig
Tony felt that children of an Asian ethnic background were held to certain expectations including:
  1. excelling at weaving and sewing.
  2. excelling at music and academics.
  3. excelling at gardening and farming.
Grade 9 Whirligig
Brent liked his time at the youth hostel in San Diego. Which one of these didn't happen there to help him on his journey to personal growth and self forgiveness?
  1. He became less concerned about clothes and looks.
  2. He met a new friend, Emil, a German boy.
  3. He met a girl and fell in love.
  4. He heard young people discussing things never discussed in his home.
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