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Universe Questions - All Grades

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Universe questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 10 Universe
According to the Big Bang Theory, the universe is roughly how old?
  1. 13.8 thousand years old
  2. 13.8 million years old
  3. 13.8 billion years old
  4. 13.8 trillion years old
Grade 8 Universe
Grade 11 Universe
The greater the distance of a galaxy away from Earth,                                   .
  1. the older it is
  2. the greater the observed blueshift
  3. the more massive it is
  4. the greater the observed redshift
Grade 9 Universe
Grade 9 Universe
The Milky Way galaxy is a(n)                     .
  1. spiral galaxy
  2. elliptical galaxy
  3. irregular galaxy
  4. barred spiral galaxy
Grade 10 Universe
The                       is the most widely accepted theory for how the universe began.
  1. Plate Tectonic Theory
  2. Big Bang Theory
  3. Steady-State Theory
  4. Solar System Theory
Grade 6 Universe
The Milky Way is what type of galaxy?
  1. Elliptical
  2. Irregular
  3. Spiral
  4. Oval
Grade 9 Universe
What were the first elements made after the Big Bang?
  1. Hydrogen & Helium
  2. Hydrogen & Lithium
  3. Helium & Oxygen
  4. Helium & Argon
Grade 8 Universe
A light year is a measurement of
  1. time.
  2. distance.
  3. temperature.
  4. star brightness.
Grade 8 Universe
Grade 6 Universe
The Big Bang Theory explains
  1. how the universe formed.
  2. the shape of Earth's orbit.
  3. why stars are found in galaxies.
  4. why planets stay in their orbits.
Grade 5 Universe
Which is the correct order of size, smallest first?
  1. Earth, Sun, Milky Way
  2. Earth, Milky Way, Sun
  3. Sun, Milky Way, Earth
  4. Sun, Earth, Milky Way
Grade 8 Universe
Which is not a type of galaxy?
  1. spiral
  2. elliptical
  3. regular
  4. irregular
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