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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Universe Questions

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Grade 11 Universe
The greater the distance of a galaxy away from Earth,
  1. the older it is.
  2. the greater the observed blueshift.
  3. the more massive it is.
  4. the greater the observed redshift.
Grade 11 Universe
What did Penzias and Wilson discover in 1964?
  1. radiation left over from the Big Bang
  2. light pollution
  3. a new galaxy
Grade 11 Universe
What is the Hubble Tuning Fork?
  1. A tool used to fine-tune a telescope
  2. A machine that shows the elements of a star by looking at its light
  3. An instrument used to measure the distance between stars
  4. A diagram that show types of galaxies and how they evolve over time
Grade 11 Universe
M89 is an elliptical galaxy classified as E0. NGC 584 is an E4 elliptical galaxy. Which statement best compares the morphology of the two galaxies?
  1. M89 is has a more elliptical shape than NGC 584.
  2. NGC 584 has a more elliptical shape than M89.
  3. Both M89 and NGC 584 have very elliptical shapes.
  4. Both M89 and NGC 584 have very spherical shapes.
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