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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Physics Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 11 Physics questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 11 Forces and Motion
When an object is in free fall,                         .
  1. its speed stays the same
  2. it decelerates
  3. it accelerates
  4. none of the above
Grade 11 Forces and Motion
Velocity is                                     .
  1. the slope of a linear graph
  2. acceleration divided by displacement
  3. speed with direction
  4. the same in all reference frames
Grade 11 Forces and Motion

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[math]v= (Deltad)/t[/math] is the equation to calculate
  1. acceleration.
  2. speed.
  3. velocity.
  4. slope.
Grade 11 Energy and Momentum
Grade 11 Forces and Motion
A block is placed on an inclined plane and remains stationary. A student claims, "The block remains stationary because as gravity tries to pull the block down down the ramp, the block exerts an equal and opposite force on itself up the ramp." Is the student's claim correct? Justify your answer.
  1. No. Newton's third law states the block cannot exert a force on itself.
  2. No. Newton's first law states the block's inertia must cause it to move down the ramp.
  3. Yes. Newton's third law states the block must exert a force equal and opposite to gravity.
  4. Yes. Newton's first law states the block must remain stationary unless pushed.
Grade 11 Forces and Motion
A book rests on a level desktop. Which force is equal in magnitude to the normal force exerted on the book?
  1. The force of static friction
  2. The force of kinetic friction
  3. The gravitational force exerted by the desktop on the book
  4. The weight of the book
Grade 11 Matter
Which of the following is not true of gases, as compared to liquids or solids?
  1. Gas molecules are in constant, rapid motion.
  2. Molecules in a gas are tightly bound to each other by strong attractive forces.
  3. The kinetic energy of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature.
  4. The volume of a gas molecule itself is very small compared to the space the gas occupies.
Grade 11 Energy and Momentum
Power is defined as                                                .
  1. the something that enables an object to do work
  2. how much force an object has
  3. the rate at which work is done
  4. energy due to the position of something
Grade 11 Light and Optics
What is the frequency of an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of [math]1.0 times 10^5[/math] m?
  1. [math]1.0 \times 10^13 [/math] Hz
  2. [math]3.0 \times 10^3 [/math] Hz
  3. [math]3.0 \times 10^13 [/math] Hz
  4. [math]1.0 \times 10^3 [/math] Hz
Grade 11 Matter
Which form of matter has a definite shape and volume?
  1. solid
  2. liquid
  3. gas
  4. intensive property
Grade 11 Forces and Motion
When a 100-N force acts horizontally on an 8.0-kg chair, the chair moves at a constant speed across the level floor. Which statement has to be true?
  1. The chair accelerates at 12.5 m/s^2
  2. The applied force is greater than the frictional force.
  3. The friction force is 100 N
  4. There is no friction between the floor and chair
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