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Minerals Questions - All Grades

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Grade 7 Minerals
How light is reflected from the mineral.
  1. streak
  2. hardness
  3. cleavage
  4. luster
Grade 7 Minerals
The color of a mineral in powder form.
  1. hardness
  2. luster
  3. fracture
  4. streak
Grade 7 Minerals
This characteristic of all minerals means that they come from nonliving things.
  1. they are organic
  2. they are inorganic
  3. they are solid
  4. they have a definite chemical composition
Grade 7 Minerals
Grade 7 Minerals
A measure of how easily a mineral can be scratched.
  1. streak
  2. hardness
  3. luster
  4. specific gravity
Grade 7 Minerals
All minerals share the following characteristics EXCEPT that of
  1. being formed by natural processes
  2. being formed from living organisms
  3. being solids
  4. having a definite chemical composition
Grade 7 Minerals
The most common mineral in the earth's crust is
  1. quartz
  2. mica
  3. feldspar
  4. limonite
Grade 7 Minerals
Grade 6 Minerals
According to the Mohs' scale, which of the statements below is true?
  1. Only talc will scratch quartz.
  2. Topaz and diamond will scratch quartz.
  3. Amethyst will scratch diamond.
  4. Calcite is a harder mineral than corundum.
Grade 7 Minerals
The properties of being                              make a diamond a gemstone.
  1. rare and beautiful
  2. useful and profitable
  3. easy to obtain and beautiful
  4. rare and profitable
Grade 6 Minerals
What is the hardest mineral on Moh's Scale?
  1. Quartz
  2. Gypsum
  3. Diamond
  4. Pyrite
Grade 6 Minerals
Which statement about the relationship between rocks and minerals is true?
  1. rocks are made of minerals
  2. minerals are made of rocks
  3. rocks and minerals are two terms for the same thing
  4. minerals and rocks are both classified by how they formed
Grade 7 Minerals
A nonmetallic luster that appears glassy.
  1. dull
  2. waxy
  3. vitreous
  4. pearly
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