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Baseball in April - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Baseball in April questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 7 Baseball in April
While at the Santa Monica beach, the boys discovered:
  1. a wallet with 25 dollars in it
  2. Puppet and his gang surfing on the beach
  3. Sarah and Uncle Isaac waiting for them
  4. an abandoned boat with oars
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Why didn't Gilbert go and see Karate Kid, Part Two?
  1. He was too busy
  2. Gilbert was disappointed in the movies
  3. His mom said no
  4. He was embarrassed to go after what happened
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Grade 7 Baseball in April
What is Gilbert's explanation for his failing use of the Karate Kid kick?
  1. he thinks he isn't strong enough
  2. he doesn't have a teacher like the Karate Kid
  3. he doesn't know; he's confused
  4. Gilbert believes he needs more practice
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When he was learning to ride a bicycle, Bentley went around a corner and:
  1. hit a curb
  2. ran into a girl
  3. bumped into a car
  4. hit a dog
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When the boys were mistaken for guest lecturers, Hector gave a lecture on how to:
  1. change the tire on a bicycle
  2. build a bird feeder
  3. make his grandmother's salsa
  4. make a cleaning solution
Grade 7 Baseball in April
What did Bentley tell Hector he was doing during the summer months?
  1. He was staying at home and playing video games
  2. He was going to summer school so he could pass math
  3. He was taking a tour of Europe later in the summer
  4. He was taking a course in organic chemistry at the college
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Hector was paid 100 dollars because he:
  1. was a stunt double for Chuck Norris
  2. retrieved a little girl from a tree
  3. fell down and cried in the commercial
  4. caught the bank robber
Grade 7 Baseball in April
While being robbed by a gang in the rough part of West Hollywood, Mando realized that:
  1. the gang members were going to kill him
  2. one of the gang members was his cousin
  3. he would have to fight to keep his possessions
  4. he would have to keep his mouth shut to live
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Aunt Helena wanted Hector and Mando to teach Bentley to:
  1. walk a tightrope
  2. do things like an ordinary boy
  3. swim and scuba dive
  4. tell jokes that were funny
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Why did Gilbert stand up to "Pete the Heat" in the cafeteria?
  1. he felt brave after watching "The Karate Kid"
  2. his cousin told him he could beat him up
  3. Pete the Heat was a small fourth grader
  4. his friends said they would help beat him up
Grade 7 Baseball in April
After dinner, Uncle Ricardo told the boys that he needed their help:
  1. pumping up basketballs for the big game
  2. chanting in the background for a rap record
  3. working the lights during his play
  4. fixing the roof of a house in the neighborhood
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When Sarah threw out a handful of sunflower seeds to distract the other team member:
  1. she was shot and lost the paint-ball war
  2. she won the paint-ball war
  3. she broke her paint-ball gun
  4. Mando slipped on the sunflower seeds
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Why does Raymundo stand by and let Gilbert get hit by Pete the Heat?
  1. He thinks Gilbert can take care of himself
  2. Raymundo wants Gilbert to learn a lesson
  3. Gilbert asks him to stand back
  4. He believes it's Gilbert's fight, not his
Grade 7 Baseball in April
What happened at the end of the story?
  1. Gilbert only daydreamed about beating up the Heat
  2. Gilbert beat up the heat
  3. Gilbert and his friend laughed about it
  4. Gilbert didn't care about the Heat anymore
Grade 7 Baseball in April
"Baseball in April" is a book about...
  1. feeling good about yourself
  2. growing up
  3. learning karate
  4. watching sports in the springtime
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Why did Sarah Glare say she was in training?
  1. She was recovering from an accident
  2. She wanted to be in the Olympics
  3. She wanted to be a concert pianist
  4. She raced championship horses
Grade 7 Baseball in April
After spending the morning playing with Mando and Hector, Bentley realized that he forgot to
  1. keep his dentist appointment
  2. do his Latin lesson
  3. call his swimming instructor
  4. brush his teeth after breakfast
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