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Common Core Standard HSF-BF.A.1a Questions

Determine an explicit expression, a recursive process, or steps for calculation from a context.

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Grade 9 Nonlinear Equations and Functions CCSS: HSF-BF.A.1, HSF-BF.A.1a, HSF-LE.B.5
In the year 2000, the population of Virginia was about 7,400,000. Between the years 2000 and 2004, the population in Virginia grew at a rate of 5.4%. At this growth rate, what function gives the population x years after 2000?
  1. [math] f(x) = 7,400,000 (1 + .054)^x [/math]
  2. [math] f(x) = 7,400,000 (1 - .054)^x [/math]
  3. [math] f(x) = 7,400,000 (.054)^x [/math]
  4. [math] f(x) = 7,400,000x^(.054) [/math]

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