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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Character Study Questions

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Grade 7 Character Study
Grade 7 Character Study
The way the author shares the personality of the character refers to:
  1. character analysis
  2. character map
  3. characterization
  4. character study
Grade 7 Character Study
Which choice describes a dynamic character?
  1. doesn't change
  2. changes physically
  3. changes personality
  4. plays a main role in the story
Grade 7 Character Study
In direct characterization
  1. the writer describes the character.
  2. the writer reveals the character through STEAL.
  3. the writer doesn't care how you learn about the character.
Grade 7 Character Study
This character provides a contrast to the main character.
  1. Protagonist
  2. Antagonist
  3. Foil
  4. All of the above
Grade 7 Character Study
A character map:
  1. is a tool to focus on one or two main characters
  2. is a scene summary to track plot and conflict
  3. organizes information around key concepts
Grade 7 Character Study CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.7.3

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Grade 7 Character Study
Supporting characters in a story.
  1. Major characters
  2. Minor characters
  3. Supportive characters
Grade 7 Character Study
What is the definition of characters?
  1. the people or animals who take part in the story
  2. the sequence of events in a story
  3. the highest point of interest in a story
Grade 7 Character Study
Which of the following is not a method that is related to characterization?
  1. character's appearance
  2. character's actions
  3. character's thoughts
  4. number of characters
  5. character's dialogue
Grade 7 Character Study
The main character or hero of the story is the...
  1. antagonist
  2. main character
  3. protagonist
  4. hero
Grade 7 Character Study
Main person or persons in a story.
  1. Minor Characters
  2. Major Characters
  3. Cinderella
  4. Andrea
Grade 7 Character Study
What is a character trait?
  1. motive to describe why a character does something
  2. adjective to describe a character's actions, thoughts, words
  3. categories
  4. descriptions of the character's appearance
Grade 7 Character Study
What does "STEAL" stand for when talking about indirect characterization?
  1. Speech, Thought, Effect on others, Actions, and Looks
  2. Statements, Time, Effort, Action, and Love
  3. Solitude, Thoughts, Enthusiasm, Acorns, and Loss
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