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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Problem and Solution Questions

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Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Angel wanted to join her local community service volunteer group, but her mom thought her grades were too low. Angel decided that she would work hard to bring her grades up so that her mom would allow her to join the group. When Angel brought her grades up to straight A's her Mom was happy to let her join the organization.

What was Angel's problem?
  1. Her mom wanted to be a part of the volunteer group but Angel was embarrassed of her mom.
  2. Angel wanted to volunteer for a group but they did not have any spaces.
  3. Her mom would not allow her to join a volunteer group because her grades were low.
  4. Angel got a job as a volunteer which left her no time to study.
Grade 7 Problem and Solution CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RL.7.3
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Kayla and Sam both wanted to start up a cooking club after school. Kayla wanted the club to make cupcakes. Sam wanted the club to make cakes.

What is the most appropriate solution to the problem?
  1. The girls should give up on starting a club.
  2. The girls should both start up their own club and make what they want.
  3. The girls should start a club that makes both cake and cupcakes.
  4. The girls should fight over it, and whoever wins should make what they want to make.
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Which of the following could be an example of internal conflict?
  1. A character is attacked by jealous girlfriend
  2. A character agonizes (struggles) over whether or not to cheat on a test
  3. A character is injured by a tornado
  4. A character gets in a car wreck
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Mikayla wants to try out for track, but she likes to have time to study after school. Track meets on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mikayla feels worried that track will start to take up too much of her time.

Based on the passage what is Mikayla's problem?
  1. She wants to join track but she thinks it will be too hard.
  2. She wants to study but her friends are pressuring her to try track.
  3. She wants to have time for studying, but she also wants to join track.
  4. She wants to be on the track team but the coach dislikes her.
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Grade 7 Problem and Solution CCSS: CCRA.R.3, RI.7.3
Asia is a student at BRMS. She needs to type up a paper for social studies class on a famous person from African American History. She does not have a computer at home, but needs to find a way to complete the assignment. Which of the following is NOT a possible solution?
  1. Hand-write the assignment on lined paper.
  2. Use one of the classroom computers after school.
  3. Go to a friend's house and use his/her computer.
  4. Go to the public library to type the assignment.
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Henry sees a man hitting a woman and must decide if he should intercede. This is an example of:
  1. Internal conflict
  2. External conflict
  3. Internal and external conflict
Grade 7 Problem and Solution
Grade 7 Problem and Solution

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What does the narrator wish she could convince Aunt Susanna about?
  1. that her sisters have somewhere else to go for Thanksgiving dinner
  2. that Aunt Susanna once wanted to spend time on her studies as well
  3. that she regularly participates in activities Aunt Susanna approves of
  4. that Aunt Susanna should stay in town rather than going to visit her sick sister
Grade 7 Problem and Solution

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Why has Aunt Susanna come to call on the girls?
  1. She wants them to be more domestic.
  2. She serves as a second mother to them.
  3. She likes to make sure they are studying.
  4. She needs their help preparing Thanksgiving dinner.
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