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China Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 China
The writings and teachings of Confucius is called                                       
  1. The Confucius Diary
  2. The Analects
  3. The Stone Tablets
  4. The Writing and Teachings of Confucius
Grade 6 China
Grade 6 China
How does the Yellow River (Huang He) get its name?
  1. It was named after an emperor
  2. Yellow was the favorite color of the person who named it
  3. Loess, a yellow dust, is found in the water
  4. The water is yellow
Grade 6 China
Which dynasty is known as the "Golden Age" of ancient China?
  1. Qin Dynasty
  2. Ming Dynasty
  3. Shang Dynasty
  4. Han Dynasty
Grade 6 China
Ancient China was surrounded by desert, mountains, and ocean. What impact did these natural borders have on the culture?
  1. They helped to integrate the cultures of other world civilizations.
  2. They cause China to constantly be at war with other world civilizations.
  3. They helped China to establish trade with other civilizations.
  4. They isolated the Chinese civilization allowing it to develop independently.
Grade 6 China
Grade 9 China
According to archaeologists, why did Qin Shihuangdi create the terra-cotta figures?
  1. He was a great patron of the arts.
  2. He was creating an army to protect him in the afterlife.
  3. He was trying to frighten away his political rivals.
  4. He wanted to symbolized how he had unified many individual Chinese states into one empire.
Grade 7 China
Grade 10 China
What statement about the Great Wall is true?
  1. It kept invaders out of China
  2. It proved China's resources could be mobilized
  3. It caused the downfall of the Qin dynasty
  4. It led to Wudi's policy of expansionism
Grade 7 China
Which religion did Lao-tzu found?
  1. Shintoism
  2. Buddhism
  3. Shamanism
  4. Taoism
Grade 2 China
The 5 Inventions in Ancient China are...
  1. fireworks, silk, bronze, kites, watch
  2. bronze, fireworks, cotton, silk, kites
  3. computers, bronze, fireworks, kites, silk
  4. fireworks, silk, bronze, kites, compass
  5. franks, soda, cotton candy, bologna, kites
Grade 6 China
What invention did the Chinese keep secret from the rest of the world for hundreds of years?
  1. How the printing press worked.
  2. The process for making gunpowder.
  3. The process for making silk.
  4. The process for making paper.
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