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College Emergency Medical Services Questions

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College Emergency Medical Services
Which of the following is a primary goal of first aid?
  1. Providing comprehensive medical care
  2. Preventing the victim’s condition from getting worse
  3. Reassuring the victim and providing comfort
  4. Determining the cause of the victim’s illness or injury
College Emergency Medical Services
What was the purpose of the Wound Healing Method?
  1. Endothelial Binding Capacity.
  2. How much Vitality cells had.
  3. Invasiveness of the cells.
  4. See how many times Microbiota was talked about in MBHD.
College Emergency Medical Services
Regular pulse          60-100          bpm.
College Emergency Medical Services
For ACUTE ANGINA ATTACK: teach pt to stop activity, take med, and if pain not relieved, then what?
  1. take another dose.
  2. call 911 if pain not relieved.
College Emergency Medical Services
Normal BP           110-120           SBP/         70-80         DBP
College Emergency Medical Services
When responding to the scene of a motor vehicle collision, be sure to take all steps to size up the scene, including:
  1. parking behind the wreckage if you are the first on the scene to warn motorists from behind
  2. parking downwind and downhill to avoid fire or hazardous liquids.
  3. leaving all emergency revolving beacons, headlights, and flashers on for visibility.
  4. parking at least 50 feet away from the wreckage if there is no fire or escaping liquids.
College Emergency Medical Services
Why should you never massage or rub a frozen part of a patient's body?
  1. Reintroduction of circulation can cause severe shock
  2. The body part can easily be cracked or broken
  3. Microscopic ice crystals can cause serious tissue damage
  4. Blood vessels can constrict, decreasing blood flow to the affected area
College Emergency Medical Services
Your patient has a normal tidal volume of 500 mL, but now he is having a hard time breathing. His tidal volume is 250 mL and his respiratory rate is 12 breaths per minute. What is his minute volume?
  1. 6,000
  2. 4,000
  3. 5,000
  4. 3,000
College Emergency Medical Services
During the initial triage of patients at a multiple-casualty incident (MCI), you come upon a patient who has no pulse and is not breathing. You should
  1. do two minutes of CPR, then move on
  2. assign another EMT to begin CPR
  3. move on to the next patient
  4. begin CPR and assign triage to another EMT
College Emergency Medical Services
All blood products at CMH&C are leuko-reduced, irradiated and CMV safe.
  1. True
  2. False
College Emergency Medical Services
The primary objective of the criminal justice basic recruit First Aid Instructor is to alert students to their responsibilities for?
  1. to their supervisors.
  2. safe and efficient response to an emergency medical situation.
  3. to prevent lawsuits.
  4. what can happen.
College Emergency Medical Services
A part of the body associated with a specific spinal nerve is a:
  1. reflex complex
  2. dermatome.
  3. zoster simplex
  4. myelin sheath.
College Emergency Medical Services
Trauma patients can receive what type of blood
  1. crossmatched blood only
  2. O negative RBC's
  3. AB plasma
  4. uncrossedmatch O positive RBC's
  5. b and c
  6. a and b
College Emergency Medical Services
If you are a single rescuer with an AED arriving at the scene of an unwitnessed arrest, you should
  1. perform one cycle of 30:2 CPR, and then apply the AED
  2. perform CPR for two minutes (5 cycles), and then apply the AED
  3. begin CPR and wait for a second rescuer before using the AED
  4. ventilate and apply the AED without starting CPR
College Emergency Medical Services
FFP and cryoprecipitate are given for what indication:
  1. fibrinogen and factor deficiences
  2. low precipitate levels
  3. plasma deficiency
  4. low platelets
College Emergency Medical Services
If an AED analyzes a patient and finds pulseless electrical activity, how is it programmed to respond?
  1. It will indicate "no shock advised."
  2. It will remain in the "analyze" mode
  3. It will indicate "shock advised."
  4. It will instruct the operator to "check the pads."
College Emergency Medical Services
If your patient who regained a pulse after being defibrillated goes back into cardiac arrest while en route to the hospital, you should
  1. continue transport and defibrillate immediately
  2. resume CPR and continue transport
  3. stop the vehicle, begin CPR, and contact medical control
  4. stop the vehicle and defibrillate if indicated
College Emergency Medical Services
CMH has a rapid infusion policy for blood products
  1. True
  2. False
College Emergency Medical Services
Full set of vital signs, respiratory and skin assessments must be completed at
  1. the beginning and end of transfusion
  2. every 15min for first hour then every 30min
  3. beginning, 15min, every hour, end and 1hr post
  4. beginning, 15min, every 30min and end
  5. beginning, 15min, every hour and end
College Emergency Medical Services
If a patient at anytime during a transfusion is having a fever, tachycardia or headache then it is a suspected reaction.
  1. True
  2. False
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