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Frankenstein - Classic Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Frankenstein questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 10 Frankenstein
After writing Frankenstein, what was Mary Shelley known as?
  1. Mother of Suspense
  2. Mother of Science Fiction
  3. Mother of Darkness
Grade 11 Frankenstein
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Who is convicted of the murder of Victor’s younger brother, William?
  1. Alphonse Frankenstein
  2. Victor Frankenstein
  3. Justine Moritz
  4. Frankenstein's monster
Grade 12 Frankenstein
The monster demanded that Frankenstein                                                              .
  1. find a woman willing to marry him
  2. create a female companion for him
  3. perform plastic surgery so he'd look more attractive to women
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Why is Justine accused of murder?
  1. The locket with the picture is found in her dress.
  2. She confesses her guilt.
  3. She is caught in a lie about her whereabouts on the evening of the murder.
  4. Her diary reveals that she secretly plotted to kill the family.
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Grade 12 Frankenstein
After Victor's Creature comes alive, Victor looks at him and                           .
  1. is horrified and disgusted
  2. runs away
  3. disowns the Creature
  4. burns the laboratory
  5. all of the above
Grade 12 Frankenstein
What are we told of the creature's end?
  1. He decides to go off and live in seclusion - maybe in Antarctica.
  2. He decides to kill himself by jumping into the freezing water.
  3. He decides to live in Victor's house, now that no one lives there anymore.
  4. He decides to kill himself by setting himself on fire on Victor's funeral pyre.
Grade 12 Frankenstein
How does Victor’s mother die?
  1. She drowns in a river.
  2. She catches scarlet fever from Elizabeth.
  3. She is executed for murdering William.
  4. The monster strangles her.
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Why does the creature want revenge on Victor?
  1. Victor created him.
  2. Victor abandoned him.
  3. Victor loved him.
  4. Victor denied creating him.
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Why did Victor kill the female monster?
  1. He was angry when the monster threatened him.
  2. He was dissatisfied with his work.
  3. He didn't want to unleash another monster on the world.
Grade 12 Frankenstein
How does Walton meet Victor?
  1. They work in the same laboratory on an island off Scotland.
  2. Walton escorts Victor northward in pursuit of the monster.
  3. They are students together at university.
  4. Walton finds Victor on the northern ice and nurses him back to health
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Who is the first victim to be killed by the Creature?
  1. Justine
  2. William
  3. Caroline
  4. Elizabeth
Grade 12 Frankenstein
Grade 12 Frankenstein
What are Victor's final thoughts regarding his creature?
  1. He was wrong to try to create life. The creature is evil, and Victor wishes he never created him.
  2. The creature is not to blame for everyone's death; Victor is.
  3. Victor was right to abandon the creature and not make another one.
  4. He was wrong to abandon the creature and realizes he should have tried to give him happiness.
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