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Zlathe the Goat - Classic Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Zlathe the Goat questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
The blizzard in the story represents what type of conflict?
  1. man vs. man
  2. man vs. self
  3. man vs. nature
  4. man vs. everything
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
What is the central idea of Zlathe the Goat?
  1. Decisions can be hard to make
  2. Animals can be difficult to take care of
  3. Weather plays an important part in everyone's life
  4. Love and loyalty are more important than possessions
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
Which statement best summarizes Zlateh the Goat?
  1. A goat is butchered by a butcher
  2. A boy and a goat survives a blizzard
  3. Rueven wants to sell the goat because he isn't producing milk
  4. A friendship about a goat and a boy that will never be broken
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
Aaron burrowed into the haystack because
  1. he knew Zlathe could eat hay
  2. the hay would keep him warm
  3. he was a village boy and knew what to do
  4. all the above
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
Reuven, Aaron's father, decides to sell Zlateh for all of the following reasons except:
  1. she is old
  2. she gives little milk
  3. he thinks no one will care
  4. the family is poor
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
Aaron can be described as...
  1. innocent
  2. resourceful
  3. resentful
  4. simple minded
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
The story suggests that although country folks often kill animals for food, they...
  1. prefer to use their animals for milk
  2. turn many of their animals into pets
  3. don't usually enjoy being around animals
  4. still care for their animals
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
After the storm the family never again considers selling Zlathe because...
  1. no one will buy her
  2. she is not worth much money
  3. they are grateful to her
  4. she started producing milk
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
What is Zlathe's attitude toward humans?
  1. Zlathe was suspicious
  2. Zlathe is trusting
  3. Zlathe is scared
  4. Zlathe is happy
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
How does Aaron react to his father's decision to sell Zlathe?
  1. he was happy to oblige
  2. he ignored his father
  3. he refuses to comply
  4. he is sad but still obeys his father's wishes
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
Grade 6 Zlathe the Goat
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