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The Metamorphosis - Classic Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these The Metamorphosis questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
How does the family feel after Gregor dies?
  1. Relieved and happy
  2. Bitter and resentful
  3. Confused and angry
  4. Sad and depressed
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
Gregor is alienated from which of the following?
  1. his job
  2. his body
  3. his family
  4. all of the above
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
Gregor's absence from work looks suspicious because...
  1. he slacks off all day anyway
  2. he has never been out sick from work
  3. he's been sick a lot lately
  4. everybody knows he's seeing the boss's wife
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
How is Gregor transformed into an insect?
  1. due to something he had for dinner
  2. no one seems to know or really care
  3. as the result of an old family curse
  4. in Kafka's world, all humans routinely turn into insects
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
What does Gregor Samsa do for a living?
  1. Office clerk
  2. Factory worker
  3. Traveling salesman
  4. Exterminator
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
What kind of creature has Gregor become?
  1. An unspecified bug
  2. A cockroach
  3. A gypsy moth
  4. A gigantic maggot
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
What serious injury does Gregor sustain?
  1. His wings get bent.
  2. His antennae are torn off.
  3. An apple becomes lodged in his back.
  4. A fall breaks his legs.
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
How does Gregor react when he hears Grete's violin?
  1. He sings along with her playing.
  2. He hides under the sofa.
  3. He crawls toward her in the parlor.
  4. He decides to send her to music school
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
As Gregor deteriorates, what becomes of his family?
  1. They all become insane.
  2. The family's state of affairs improves.
  3. They lose their jobs.
  4. They all turn into insects.
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
How does Gregor die?
  1. He jumps out the window.
  2. He lies down in exhaustion and dies.
  3. One of the boarders steps on him.
  4. Grete poisons his food.
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
Where does the action of the story take place?
  1. Prague
  2. The family's apartment
  3. Gregor's workplace
  4. An insane asylum
Grade 12 The Metamorphosis
What does the picture on Gregor's wall depict?
  1. Grete with her violin
  2. His smiling family
  3. A can of bug spray
  4. A woman in fur
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