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Lord of the Flies - Classic Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Seventh Grade (Grade 7)

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Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
The first two characters to appear in the novel are
  1. Piggy and Ralph
  2. Simon and Garfunkle
  3. Piggy and Jack
  4. Samneric
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
The novel, Lord of the Flies, is set in
  1. the present time.
  2. the distant future.
  3. the time of Armageddon.
  4. both b and c
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
The protagonist of the novel is
  1. Simon.
  2. Jack.
  3. Ralph.
  4. Piggy.
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
                                 is/are a symbol of authority and order.
  1. Piggy's glasses
  2. The conch shell
  3. The painted faces of the hunters
  4. The fire
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
Jack becomes the chief of all the boys, except Ralph, through
  1. fear and coercion
  2. pride and love
  3. a public election
  4. desire and hard work
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
At the end, Ralph cries
  1. because he is happy to be rescued.
  2. because he can now have all the food he wants.
  3. because of the end of innocence - his and the others.
  4. because they can now go back to being boys
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
What makes the boys less rational humans and more irrational savages?
  1. painting their faces
  2. chanting, "Kill the beast! Spill her blood!"
  3. choosing to follow Jack
  4. taunting Piggy
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
When he rescues them at the end, the naval officer
  1. is disappointed in the boys' behavior
  2. is proud of their survival skills
  3. tells them to grow up
  4. tells them the world has been destroyed
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
The narrator of the story is...
  1. Ralph
  2. Piggy
  3. a first person narrator
  4. a third person narrator
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
Golding apparently wants to show that man, by nature, is
  1. inherently good
  2. inherently evil
  3. uncontrollable
  4. both good and evil
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
Ralph's reaction after finding himself on the island without adults is one of
  1. sheer terror
  2. deep depression.
  3. fear and trembling
  4. unrestrained joy
Grade 7 Lord of the Flies
Ralph recognizes
  1. that he and Simon are the only ones free of savage impulses.
  2. that he, too, like Jack and the others, has savage impulses.
  3. that Piggy is no smarter than he is.
  4. that the naval officer will take the boys to their death.
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