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College Management
Logic 3
Antonia: The stock market is the best place to invest your money these days; although it is often volatile, it provides the opportunity to make a large profit quickly.

Maria: I agree that the stock market provides the opportunity to make large profits quickly, but one is just as likely to take a huge loss. I think it is better to invest in savings bonds, which provide a constant, reliable income over many years.

Antonia's and Maria's statements provide the most support for holding that they disagree about whether:
  1. The stock market is often volatile but provides the opportunity to make a large profit quickly
  2. Savings bonds can provide a large return on one's investment
  3. The stock market provides the opportunity for an investor to make a constant, reliable income over many years
  4. It is safer to invest in savings bonds than to invest in the stock market
  5. It is preferable to pick an investment offerin a reliable income over a riskier opportunity to make a large profit quickly
College Management
The development of new inventions is promoted by the granting of patent rights, which restrict the right of anyone but the patent holders to profit from these inventions for a specified period. Without patent rights, anyone could simple copy another's invention; consequently, inventors would have no financial incentive for investing the time and energy required to develop new products. Thus, it is important to continue to grant patent rights, or else no one will engage in original development and consequently no new inventions will be forthcoming.
  1. Financial reward is the only incentive that will be effective in motivation people to develop new inventions.
  2. When an inventor sells patent rights to a manufacturer, the manufacturer makes less total profit on the invention than the inventor does.
  3. Any costs incurred by a typical inventor in applying for patent rights are insignificant in comparison to the financial benefit of holding the patent rights.
  4. Patent rights should be granted only if an inventor's product is not similar to another invention already covered by patent rights.
  5. The length of a patent right is usually proportional to the costs involved in inventing the product.
College Management
Briefly explain how confidentiality is important in your personal life and work life.
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