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Of Mice and Men - Classic Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Tenth Grade (Grade 10)

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Grade 10 Of Mice and Men
Why doesn't George want Lennie to speak when they get to the ranch?
  1. Lennie speaks too quickly
  2. Lennie says a lot of bad words
  3. Lennie is hard to understand
  4. Lennie speaks slowly and seems unintelligent
Grade 10 Of Mice and Men
Grade 10 Of Mice and Men
What does Lennie have in his pocket that George tries to throw away?
  1. A mouse
  2. A candy wrapper
  3. His work card
  4. Money
Grade 10 Of Mice and Men
In "Of Mice and Men", why does Curley dislike Lennie?
  1. Lennie laughs at Currley
  2. The boss tells Curley to watch out for Lennie
  3. Lennie ogles at his wife
  4. Curley is jealous of those who are bigger than he is
Grade 10 Of Mice and Men
Grade 10 Of Mice and Men
In "Of Mice and Men", which os the following describes Lennie?
  1. forgetful
  2. talkative
  3. slow-witted
  4. innocent
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