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Grade 10

Penny in the Dust - Short Stories (Fiction) - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Tenth Grade (Grade 10)

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Grade 10 Penny in the Dust
The statement that best summarizes the theme of Penny in the Dust is...
  1. Sometimes you don't realize how important something is until you've lost it.
  2. Sometimes people express their love for each other without using words.
  3. Sometimes people don't appreciate gifts and spend them foolishly.
  4. The most important lessons we learn in life are those we learn from our fathers.
Grade 10 Penny in the Dust
The point of view used in Penny in the Dust is
  1. first person.
  2. third person- limited omniscient.
  3. third person- objective.
  4. third person- omniscient.
Grade 10 Penny in the Dust
The protagonist in Penny in the Dust...
  1. lost the shiny gold hundred-dollar coin his father gave him.
  2. hid from his father so he wouldn't be beaten for losing the coin.
  3. was the sister of the little boy who lost a shiny new penny.
  4. fantasized about buying his father a new car with buried treasures he found.
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