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None Protists and Fungi Questions

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None Protists and Fungi
Where are slime molds primarily found?
  1. oceans.
  2. rotting wood or compost piles.
  3. fast-moving streams.
  4. deserts.
None Protists and Fungi
None Protists and Fungi
Which of the following descriptions applies to most protists?
  1. unicellular prokaryotes.
  2. multicellular prokaryotes.
  3. unicellular eukaryotes.
  4. multicellular eukaryotes.
None Protists and Fungi
What characteristics do green algae share with plants?
  1. photosynthetic pigments and cell wall composition.
  2. photosynthetic and accessory pigment composition.
  3. accessory pigments and cell wall composition.
  4. accessory pigments and cell membrane composition.
None Protists and Fungi
None Protists and Fungi
Which of the following is NOT true of amoebas?
  1. They reproduce by binary fission.
  2. They move by pseudopods.
  3. They have a definite shape.
  4. They form temporary food vacuoles.
None Protists and Fungi
Which of the following form conidiospores?
  1. Endospore forming gram positive rods and cocci
  2. Actinomycetes and related organisms
  3. rickettsia
  4. anaerobic gram negative cocci
  5. spiral and curved bacteria
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