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The Moon Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 The Moon
The Moon is visible to us because it                                  .
  1. reflects light from Sun
  2. reflects light from Earth
  3. produces light through fusion
  4. produces light through combustion
Grade 6 The Moon
What is the correct alignment during a lunar eclipse?
  1. Sun, Moon, Earth
  2. Moon, Sun, Earth
  3. Sun, Earth, Moon
  4. Earth, Sun, Moon
Grade 7 The Moon
The phase of the Moon you see depends on                                                    .
  1. where you are on Earth's surface
  2. how much of the sunlit side of the Moon faces Earth
  3. how much of the Moon's surface is lit by the Sun
  4. whether or not an eclipse is occurring
Grade 8 The Moon
A spring tide occurs when                                                                                             .
  1. it is the spring equinox
  2. the Sun, Earth, and Moon are nearly in-line
  3. the Moon is in its first or last quarter phase
  4. the line between Earth and the Sun is at right angles to the line between Earth and the Moon
Grade 5 The Moon
Grade 6 The Moon
Identify the moon phase in the picture.
Moon Phase - First Quarter
  1. third quarter
  2. first quarter
  3. full moon
  4. new moon
Grade 6 The Moon
Which is the closest object to Earth?
  1. Jupiter
  2. Moon
  3. Sun
  4. Pluto
Grade 5 The Moon
Earth has one moon.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 The Moon
Grade 8 The Moon
People who stand in the Moon's umbra, the darkest part of its shadow, experience a                        .
  1. partial lunar eclipse
  2. a partial solar eclipse
  3. a total solar eclipse
  4. a total lunar eclipse
Grade 8 The Moon
Grade 6 The Moon
When the people on Earth cannot see a Moon, which phase is the Moon in?
  1. Full Moon
  2. Waxing Crescent
  3. New Moon
  4. Waxing Gibbous
Grade 5 The Moon
Craters on the Moon were created by
  1. satellites.
  2. meteorites.
  3. comets.
  4. equipment from human exploration of the Moon.
Grade 6 The Moon
A half moon is also referred to as a                .
  1. new moon
  2. full moon
  3. first quarter
  4. waxing crescent
Grade 4 The Moon
When the Moon is 99% illuminated, it is what type of moon?
  1. New Moon
  2. Full Moon
  3. Crescent Moon
  4. Waning Gibbous Moon
Grade 8 The Moon
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