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Volcanoes Questions - All Grades

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Grade 4 Volcanoes
Grade 8 Volcanoes
What two things largely help determine the classification of volcanoes?
  1. shape and size
  2. shape and color
  3. shape and composition
  4. shape and texture
Grade 8 Volcanoes
A newly created volcano is a good example of a                   .
  1. secondary landform
  2. primary landform
  3. special landform
  4. biome
Grade 3 Volcanoes
A volcano is
  1. a lowland area between higher areas such as mountains.
  2. a place on Earth's surface where the land is much higher than the surrounding land.
  3. an opening in Earth's surface from which lava flows.
  4. a deep valley with every steep sides.
Grade 8 Volcanoes
Where do most volcanoes occur?
  1. divergent boundary
  2. transform boundary
  3. convergent boundary
Grade 6 Volcanoes
Which of the following is not a type of volcano that forms mountains?
  1. shield volcano
  2. composite volcano
  3. fissure volcano
  4. cinder cone volcano
Grade 5 Volcanoes
Grade 7 Volcanoes
In this type of eruption, the lava flow is slow and there is not a large cloud of ash or lava.
  1. Explosive Eruption
  2. Effusive Eruption
  3. Phreatomagmatic Eruption
  4. Vulcanian Eruption
Grade 5 Volcanoes
Volcanoes and earthquakes form in the                .
  1. biosphere
  2. atmosphere
  3. geosphere
  4. anthrosphere
Grade 7 Volcanoes
A volcanic crater is
  1. the bottom portion of the volcano.
  2. a location where a volcano may be found.
  3. a type of pyroclastic material erupted from volcanoes.
  4. a funnel-shaped opening for the central vent of the volcano.
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