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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Idiom Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 5 Idiom questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

Grade 5 Idiom
During a class discussion, Jason added fuel to the fire by suggesting that the trip was pointless.
What is the meaning of the idiom added fuel to the fire?
  1. gave someone good luck
  2. saw the positive in everything
  3. made a bad situation worse
  4. tried to do something again
Grade 5 Idiom
Peter is very thin. Peter is as skinny as
  1. a bean pole
  2. an ancient oak tree
  3. a sleeping bulldog
  4. a tall sailboat
Grade 5 Idiom
This tv show is boring. Watching this show is like
  1. fighting a crocodile
  2. reading an exciting book
  3. watching paint dry
  4. driving a racing car
Grade 5 Idiom
The wood was easy to cut. Mary's saw cut through the book like
  1. rain pounding on a tin roof
  2. a sharp scissors cutting a tin can
  3. diamonds on a necklace
  4. a hot knife through butter
Grade 5 Idiom
Ted is very brave. Ted is as brave as a
  1. puppy
  2. pigeon
  3. lion
  4. zebra
Grade 5 Idiom CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.5.5, L.5.5b
Which phrase is NOT an example of an idiom?
  1. feeling under the weather
  2. kill two birds with one stone
  3. see eye to eye
  4. best teacher in the whole world
Grade 5 Idiom CCSS: CCRA.L.5, L.5.5a, L.5.5b
"That was a piece of cake," is an example of:
  1. idiom
  2. simile
  3. personification
  4. onomatopoeia
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