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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Universe Questions

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Grade 5 Universe
Grade 5 Universe
What term do astronomers use to describe a galaxy that has a jumbled scattering of stars?
  1. barred spiral galaxy
  2. elliptical galaxy
  3. irregular galaxy
  4. spiral galaxy
Grade 5 Universe
Why are elliptical galaxies brighter toward the center?
  1. The stars are evenly distributed through the galaxy.
  2. The center is crowded with stars, and the number of stars decreases farther out.
  3. Most stars are near the outside of the elliptical galaxy, with dust clouds in the center.
  4. The stars are spread through out the galaxy in bands that look like the arms of spiral galaxies.
Grade 5 Universe
Which is the correct order of size, smallest first?
  1. sun, earth, milky way galaxy
  2. earth, sun, milky way galaxy
  3. earth, milky way galaxy, sun
Grade 5 Universe
What is all of space?
  1. Galaxy
  2. Constellation
  3. Planet
  4. Universe
Grade 5 Universe
Grade 5 Universe
A representation of how something looks or works?
  1. Constellation
  2. Model
  3. Light Year
  4. Nebulae
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