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Free Figurative Language Worksheets

Printable Figurative Language Worksheets Understanding a text involves correctly interpreting the figurative language devices and other language tricks a writer uses. Improve students’ comprehension with these figurative language worksheets which focus not only on defining figurative language devices, but also teach students to distinguish between literal and figurative language and correctly interpret the figurative language devices writers use.

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Elementary Figurative Language Worksheets

In elementary school, students are just beginning to distinguish between literal and figurative language. As they're introduced to poetry, figures of speech, and more advanced writing, it is important to take time to teach them about figurative language techniques.

Grades 3-5

Middle School Figurative Language Worksheets

In middle school, figurative language is more common, not just in poetry and works of literature, but also in nonfiction and informational texts, including speeches, advertisements, and historical documents.

Grades 6-8

High School Figurative Language Worksheets

High school students are likely to encounter more sophisticated uses of figurative language in a range of fiction and nonfiction texts They may also be introduced to new figurative language devices, such as apostrophe and paradox.

Grades 9-12