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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Ancient India Questions

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Grade 9 Ancient India

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Grade 9 Ancient India
Grade 9 Ancient India
What year did Chandragupta become king?
  1. 456 AD
  2. 565 BC
  3. 321 BC
  4. 1 BC
Grade 9 Ancient India
What are monsoons, and how do they affect life on the Indian subcontinent?
  1. Seasonal winds; warm air and heavy rains in summer; cool, dry air in winter.
  2. Flood deposits enriched the soil, rainfall provided water for crops
  3. Lots of Water
  4. Sewage
Grade 9 Ancient India
Who was Chandragupta's grandson?
  1. Alexander the Great
  2. Kautilya
  3. Asoka
  4. Seleucus
Grade 9 Ancient India
What did the conquest of Kaling cause Asoka to realize about the nature of war?
  1. war is the best means to expand an empire
  2. war cannot be avoided
  3. war leads to the death of innocent people
  4. war is very expensive to fight
Grade 9 Ancient India
How did Chandra Gupta come to power in India in A.D. 320?
  1. by assasinating the current leader
  2. by marrying a royal daughter
  3. by being born into the royal family
  4. was democratically elected
Grade 9 Ancient India
During which war, did over 100,000 soldiers perish?
  1. Megasthenes
  2. Revolutionary War
  3. Gupta
  4. Kalinga
Grade 9 Ancient India
Grade 9 Ancient India
How did the Mauryan Empire begin?
  1. Chandragupta Maurya killed the Nanda king
  2. Alexander the Great crowned Maurya king
  3. Kautilya gave up the throne
  4. Santa Claus came to town
Grade 9 Ancient India
How did Chandragupta support his vast army?
  1. levied high taxes
  2. paid them very high salaries
  3. stole from neighboring kingdoms
  4. prayed for guidance
Grade 9 Ancient India
Which of the following elements of the Qin dynasty did the Han dynasty retain?
  1. cruel and unusual punishments
  2. the manufacture of terra-cotta soldiers
  3. rule by Daoist principles
  4. the three ministries of the central government
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